Leather Cleaner
Our technicians have developed a range of cleaners which help to solve the cleaning problems from daily maintaining to stubborn stains. The most delicate cleaner should always be used first, following by products of increasing potency as necessary to achieve the result required.
Leather Cleaner Gel
Leather Cleaner Gel is a water-based cleaner gel that gently cleanses the surface of the leather. Differs from other liquid cleaner, cleaner gel would not create any forms while cleansing and thus leave any residuals on the surface of the leather. For aniline leather, cleaner gel is also a priority choice to remove the surface dirt or wax.
Leather Cleaner
Leather Cleaner is a balanced, neutral ph water-based cleaner that gently cleanses, thoroughly enhancing the natural beauty and feel of the leather. Leather Cleaner is most effective for cleaning general soiling, protein or water-based stains.
Power Cleaner
An advanced water-based product for the professional cleaning of plastic and pigmented leather. This cleaner must be diluted one part of the product in 5-8 parts of water.
Mold Remover
Formulated for the removal of stains caused by the growth of mold on leather that were exposed to high humidity, moisture, or dampness. If identified early, Mold Remover eliminates the surface stain, resists further growth, and returns the leather to its original condition. Surface mold has the appearance of dark green spots and is usually combined with an offensive odor. This type of stain occurs most often in tropical or high humidity climates, conditions where water has been absorbed, or when leather has been stored in plastic for extended periods of time. Mold Remover is a specialized product that readily resolves problems of mold.
Nubuck Cleaner
A water-based 100% non solvent cleaner designed to clean gently, but thoroughly, maintaining the tracking effect of Nubuck.
Leather Glue Remover
A solvent-based cleaner to remove glue residue on the surface of the leather without hurting the appearance of the leather.
Patent Leather Cleaner
Patent Leather Cleaner is a water-based cleaner cream which designed to effectively remove smudges or dirt that decrease the shine of patent leather. Please pay attention that his glossy shiny leather is regular leather coated with lacquer. If you identify any color transferred into the leather, and this color cannot be removed by patent leather cleaner, please contact our technician for further advises.
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Leather Repair
We provide a full range of solutions for the repair and restoration of leather goods. Please feel free to contact our leather specialist for further information.
Leather Glue
Leather Glue WB is a flexible strong adhesive precisely formulated for repairing flaps abrasions or cuts on leather and vinyl. The flexible nature allows it to be used on leather without modifying the characteristics. Its industrial strength offers a long lasting repair.
Scratch Remover
Scratch Remover is a simple solution for healing and blending surface scratches or rubs on natural leather. It helps restore the surface color as well as blend the damage. It is very effective on fingernail scratches in aniline leather.
Mender is used during finishing reconstruction for hiding defects such as scratches, thorn marks, cracks and abrasions. Mender adheres well to the leather, even if the leather is greasy and not very absorbent.
Leather Re-colouring
For different leather types, we have developed corresponding water-based leather re-colouring products. Therefore, the treated leather could remain its original look to a large extend.
Patent Leather Dyes
Alcoholic dyes with excellent penetrating power which designed for changing colors on finished patent leather. After finishing, it has maintains the natural look of patent leather.
AS Dyes for Top Leather
AS leather dyes is water-based which is designed for recoloring or refurbishing on top leather such as aniline, semi aniline, sheep leather. After application, the leather keeps its softness and natural look.
Soft Fine Pigment
With excellent coverage power and softness, soft fine pigment is an ideal choice for the recoloring of leather garments and other natural leather. Compared with leather dyes, soft fine pigment could help to hide small defects on the treated leather.
TP Colours
PT Colours are ready to use, self-fixing, solvent free pigments to restore scratches and abrasions on smooth leather.
Colour Fixing
It is necessary to select a proper fixing agent based on the type of leather and the chemical used for the treatment. If in doubt, please ask our leather specialist for advises.
Final Coat
Based on the brightness, final topcoat series contains three kinds of products, final bright, final medium and final matt. Final topcoat is characterized with excellent wet and dry rub resistances and heat resistance that can be dry milled. It is also scratch resistant with an excellent silky feel.
Top Coat
Top Coat is a ready-to-use water- borne lacquer characterized by a durable film which is also extremely scratch resistant. Classified by the brightness, top coat series contains two kinds of products, top coat gloss and top coat matt. Top Coat Gloss has a slightly slippery feel that allows one to obtain a high gloss finish with excellent rub and scratch resistance (wet & dry). Alternatively, Top Coat Gloss can be mixed with Top Coat Matte to obtain the desired degree of opacity.
Suede Fix
Suede Fix is an extraordinary water-based fixing agent to stop discolouring or colour loss that may occur from nubuck and suede leather.It maintains the original brightness and nap effect of the fibers without affecting the original softness and feel.

Protector & Reviver
Leather without any protection is easy to become aging and fragile during usage. To prolong the leather life, it is recommended to apply protector or reviver regularly.
Leather Protector
Water-based protective cream that creates an invisible barrier on leather preventing every day dirt from penetrating. It provides softness and shine to leather thanks to its natural ingredients.
Nubuck Protector
A water-based protector designed for waterproof on Nubuck or Suede.
Leather Fatliquor
A fatliquor in cream with strong waterproofing power. Meanwhile, this product could be applied on any leather that need to be fatliquored.
Leather Reviver
A water-based cream for pigmented, bycast and dry aniline leather(do not use on nubuck and suede). Leather Revive is a highly advanced product designed to revitalize leather and improve suppleness. Leather Revive is also suitable for bycast leather that have light areas due to folds or for lightly scratched areas. Apply by cloth then dry with a hairdryer using warm air.
Nubuck Reviver
Solvent-based nubuck reviver, which enhance the writing effect of nubuck and grants excellent water repellent ability to the treated leather.
Leather Refreshing Cream
Refreshing cream has a barrier action against dirt, improving the stain resistance. Its delicate action makes possible to soften, renew and revive the colour of the leather, giving a silky touch and a natural brilliance as a result.
Other Additives
HP Thinner
HP Thinner is water-based product which can be used to dilute water-based dyes and pigments such as HP colours, TP colours, and AS dyes allow for spray application.
Dulling Agent
Dulling Agent is a water-based dulling agent especially formulated for obtaining the desired grade of opacity when used together with TP Pigment series.
Eco-Crosslinker is a strong water based crosslinker. It is used in waterborne top coats to improve rub resistance (wet & dry) and adhesion.
Feel Modifier
Feel modifier has two products, FM Slip and FM Non-slip Modifier. FM Slip allows one to obtain a silky and slightly wet feel. Moreover, when added to Top Coat it remarkably increases scuff and wet rub resistance. FM Non-slip Modifier reduces slip, primarily for the Automotive sofa.